Bruce Cheney June 2019


The Reverend Bruce Cheney began serving as Rector of St. George’s on June 2nd, 2019.  Most recently, he was the Rector of St. Paul’s, Newport News.

Rev. Cheney received his Master of Divinity degree from Virginia Theological Seminary in 2006 and has been a priest since February 2007.  He served 22-1/2 years of active duty in the Navy and Coast Guard and retired in 2004 as a Lt. Commander and Strategic Planner in post-911 Homeland Security.  He has served the church in Southern Virginia, Missouri, Hawaii, and Mississippi as a rector, hospital and hospice chaplain, current police chaplain, and director/administrator of the Community Action Network at St. Paul’s, a homeless ministry he founded in March 2017.  He serves on the Diocesan Executive Board and is very active in the local Pastors Dialogue on Racism, Poverty and Violence.  He is Eucharist centered, pretty flexible with a strong preference toward Low Church.  He is an active listener and acknowledges opinions and feedback, loving people where they are. His constant companion, Cowboy, is a trained service dog and accompanies him wherever he goes.




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 Joan Bonnett    Organist & Choir Director